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The Shetland Isles, lying 598 miles north of London, are as close to Torshavn in Faeroe and Bergen in Norway as they are to Aberdeen in Scotland. There are over 100 islands in the broadly north/south trailing archipelago covering an area of 567 square miles, with only 15 of them inhabited. The current population stands at around 22,000, mainly centered around Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland. Wherever you travel in Shetland you will be constantly reminded of the sea for you will never be further than three miles from the 1697 miles of Shetland shoreline.
Shetland Coastguards district covers a sea area of 43,840 square nautical miles.
The Orkney Islands are situated just to the north of Mainland Scotland and consists of more than 70 islands of which 20 are currently inhabited. Orkney has a population of 21000 with the majority living in the main town of Kirkwall. Orkney covers some 380 square miles with a coastline stretching to approximately 650 miles.
MRCC Shetland now have responsibility for the North Scotland Coastline from Cape Wrath east to Brora, a coastline in excess of 221 nm.
Coastguard Officers at MRCC Shetland have many years seagoing, military or aviation experience, from the Merchant Navy, HM Forces or other related backgrounds. They can be relied upon to give sound advice based on a thorough local knowledge of the area. Whether it is advice on tides, weather or a general enquiry, you can rely on an efficient and professional service.

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